Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012 DRC (Lynchbury Rd to the DRC) Dan River

Heat index 100 degrees, temp 95 degrees and river depth at the Fransisco river guage 1.47ft.  This is the lowest I have ever paddled this section the cfs is 102.  It usually takes me to 2 - 3 hours to do this run but it took 4 hours today.  Even with the river this low I only got stuck once and that was because I was not looking where I was going because I was filming.  With the cfs so low at 102 the run required a great deal of paddling or you would just not move.
To avoid the steep put in at the Big Creek bridge on Lynchburg road we took a shuttle with the Dan River Company.  This is a 6 mile run. There access is much nicer than the bridge.
Enjoyed the day with mom, Suzanne and Melody.  They all paddled great and only got stuck a few times which is a great accomplishment with the water so low. This is a pretty run, with many little rapids and beautiful scenery. At times it is like you are in a mini gorge with rock walls along the way.

I discovered Melody really does not like snakes.  After the DRC guy said snakes sometimes hang in the trees that hang over the river, Melody decided she would rather paddle in the sun or in the shallows and get stuck rather than paddle near the bank and possibly see one of those snakes.  Saw my first snake in the water swimming today though. I have seen them on the banks or in the rocks but never swimming.  This happened to take place where we had gotten out of out boats and were floating in our life jackets down a rapid.

These ladies did a great job.  Suzanne moved her boat like a pro and is pretty strong too. Suzanne was adventurous and jumped off a rock ledge into the river.
Suzanne being brave getting ready to jump! Before......
 I was so proud of mom this was her 2nd time in a kayak.  She calls it being stretched.  She started a little rusty but mastered it quickly.  She is getting her paddle stroke down pat. She could become a regular paddler.

 This was Melody's first time in a kayak and you would have never known that.  She moved her boat through the small river lines wonderfully as well.  I guess Melody got stretched a little today too with the snake sighting and all. What these ladies did not know is if they can paddle this section with very little water having to carefully select the channels or get stuck, when the water is up it will be a breeze! 
Melody floating a rapid!

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